torsdag 26 april 2012

some words to know be4 open! ;)

next week!! gaaahhhhh! it will so much fun. fun to see all and fun to, to ,eeehh... be so tired. 
everything is under preparation.
even if we try to speak english so can it sometimes be some misunderstanding.
so if we try to speak english, maybe u can try to learn some keywords in swedis.
so here we go:

swedish                                                english

hej!                                                        hello
hur mår du?                                           how are u?
kul att se dig!                                        nice to see u!
vart ligger toaletten?                             where are the ladies room?
vart slänger jag skräpet?                       where can i throw the garbage?
kan jag verkligen äta detta?                  can I really eat this?
vart köper du dina kläder?                    where do u buy your clothes?
hur mycket kostar det?                          how much does it cost?
är hon singel?                                        is she single?  
är han singel?                                        is he single?
vilken fest!                                            what a party!

det viktigaste ordet: FIKA                   the most important word.dont think there is one word for this                                                                translation : HAVE COFFEE. but u have to have something                                                              to the coffee. thats the whole point. coffee + a cookie = FIKA

this was probably the whole. As I said, FIKA is probably the most important word to know!
if u learn FIKA, then u dont need to care about the other words!

soooooo looking 4ward to see u next week!


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